Perfect titanium implant HEX 2.43 "MULTI-LOCK"

The Perfect Implant is a titanium self-drilling and self-tapping tapered titanium screw implant with an internal hexagon index 2.43 mmd. The coronaly portion of the implant has, regardless of the diameter of the implant, the shape of an inverted cone, and having the diameter of 3.8 mmd. This reduction of the diameter of the coronal portion increases the bone growth and Osseo integration around its upper part and counteracts an undesired alveolar bone loss. This special design of the coronal part encourages the connecting tissue growth around the implant neck region.

The special internal "key-lock" system provides an excellend fixation between abutment and implant and prevents any micro movement of the inserted abutment in all dimensions.

The design of the internal hexagon 2.43 mmd supports the abutment's fixation and prevents its rotation.

It is used in all types of bone. Recommended in bone-type D-3.4 and immediate implantation. Implatation areas/Indications - all parts of the maxilla and mandible.

∅ 3.75 mmd ∅ 4.2 mmd ∅ 5 mmd ∅ 6 mmd
Cat No. Cat No. Cat No. Cat No.
10 mml 131037 131042 131050 131060
11.5 mml 131137 131142 131150 131160
13 mml 131337 131342 131350 131360
16 mml 131637 131642 131650 131660

Standart drilling - use surgical cylindrical drills

Special drilling use surgical conical set drills