Solo Modular

Solo Modular titanium implant HEX 2.43 "MULTI-LOCK"

The Solo Modular Implant is a revolutionary 1-piece implant system which is designed to match all your clinical indications. Our unique one piece slim (3-3.2 mmd) and self-drilling thread design makes the Solo Modular implant the perfect system also to be indicated for the orthodontic anchorage treatment.

The integrated and removable abutment makes this implant a very practical and low cost utility which match a wide range of treatment possibilities.

We have strived for absolute perfection from the design stage to the manufacturing of the Solo Modular implant system to make it the ultimate useful utility for every usage.
Suitable for imediatiable loading by one stage implantations.

∅ 3.0 mmd ∅ 3.3 mmd
Cat No. Cat No.
10 mml 151030 151033
11.5 mml 151130 151133
13 mml 151330 151333
16 mml 151630 151633

Use only in special indication. Use always bone D1, D2.