Case 7

Teeth Extruction on upper, immidiate placment of 6 implants with the ball attachment and removable denture.

Case 8

Case: Immediate implantation with immediate loading.

Case 10

Removal of 12 teeth, implantation with immediate loading of Respect implant.

Case 11

Immidiate placement, sinus lift, augmentation, immidiate loading, final restoration in 14 days.

Case 12

“Vector” Implant placement in the area of 22 and 12 missing teeth is the only correct solution.

Case 13

Difficult clinical case, there is not enough bone for the implantation, placing 18 implants and doing cosmetic restoration.

Case 14

Teeth Extraction. Placing implants. Sinus lifting.

Case 15

Case 17

Implant and teeth extraction. Placing the universal plus implant.

Case 18

Extraction of 11 tooth, immediate implantation

Case 19

Replacement of titanium abutments by metal - ceramic crowns with zirconium abutments and crowns.

Case 20

Extraction of 14 tooth, immediate loading of “Perfect” implant and final crown placement in 11 days.