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DMI USA, New York, is innovative high- tec company. DMI Technology USA is a young and dynamic high-tech field. With this team you will find quality company in each professional staff key positions with seniority and experience in the field for over 20 years. Innovation is a word we believe in it but it comes from knowledge accumulated over the years.We have the desire to help ease the customer during the course of treatment thereafter.

Our method is able to provide smart, simple solutions and advanced technology design side. DMI Technology USA specializes in developing and producing advanced dental oral implant system product and services that includes self-tapping dental implants in a wide range of sizes. The implants are self- tapping with threads designed to provide secure primary fixation and favorable distribution of the loading forces. DMI Technology USA is manufactured from titanium alloys, Internal hex. Implants are produced in diameters of 2.4- 6 mmd and in lengths of 6- 18mml.DMI Technology USA products are cleared for marketing in United States of America. All DMI implant products and process and services comply with: ISO 9001: 2008 - quality management system. ISO 13485:2003 - quality management system for medical devices.

DMI Technology USA has implemented a strict quality management system in compliance with the demands of national and international regulatory agencies machined parts using the most advanced technologies. We have found special methods in the front of research, development and manufacturing of dental and orthodontic implants. Our customer service is a distinctive element in our favor in a very competitive market. We are always prepared to solve the most complex cases presented by our users-dentists and lab technicians and our clinicians, engineers and technicians are always open to listen to our users, advice and feedback.

DMI Technology USA is focused on research and development and dedicated to continuously improve its products. Working closely with leading professionals, dentists and technicians in private and public clinics and dental schools in leading universities.

DMI Technology USA is also a world leader OEM manufacturer of full dental implant systems according to its client's specifications. DMI Technology USA provides the best engineering and manufacturing platform for current and new designs with high quality, quick response time and competitive costs.

DMI Technology USA develops, manufactures, assembles and packages the entire product line of implants and components including labeling and sterilization in accordance with international standards.

-Prima titanium dental implants
-Unique titanium dental implant

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