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DMI USA ia selected from the desire to make green and clean industry safer. In addition we have the desire to help ease the customer during the course of treatment and thereafter. The system of DMI TECHNOLOGY USA resolves all clinical cases.

Within the system, all the elements fit together. Most implants have a common geometric platform.
With all the variety of parts - they are all mutually complementary and fit together.

Innovation and uniqueness of the system-the first time in the history of implantology patented multimodular implant that can stay forever!
What is its particularity and uniqueness? For the first time developed a collapsible implant, which allows for atrophy of the bone around the implant to remove the upper (dismountable) module of the implant and replace it with a new one, without removing the lower unit of the implant, is already well-integrable in the bone. First of all, it is less traumatic because removes only the upper module without damaging the bone. At the same time put a new sterile module that allows you to restore the degenerated bone and extend the life of the implant to infinity.

After years of research team of German scientists in conjunction with the developers of DMI TECHNOLOGY has achieved stunning results - first time obtained a titanium abutment color close to the natural color of teeth. The use of these abutments solves both the problem and the quality and durability, and aesthetics.


-Prima titanium dental implants
-Unique titanium dental implant

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