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dmi usa publications case study
Sinus Lifting with Implantation

Doctor Kandino Daniel

1) Panoramic radiograph of a patient with partially edentulous upper jaw left side.
Planning to remove the roots of the teeth 23 and 27 and set 5-implants in the area from 23 to 27.
In the area of 25, 26 and 27: aimed bone regeneration "sinus lifting" with simultaneous implant placement

2) Intraoral Situation before the extraction and implantation procedure.

3) Teeth roots removal 23 and 27. Preparing a cut in the the alveolar ridge center with a vertical releasing cut,
detachment of a muco periosteal flap and inspection the hole extraction

4) Bone formation in the implant bed area 23 and 24 by using "Parallel Guide System®", parallel pins and depth gauges.
Drilling and formation of the vestibular window wall of the left maxillary sinus.

5) Creating a window in the vestibular bone wall of the left maxillary sinus.
Performing the sinus mucosa and a partial filling with bone graft material at bottom of the maxillary sinus.
Preparing bone implants bed in area 25, 26 and 27 teeth, using parallel Pins set to control the depth gauge and parallelism.

6) Installing «DMI Unique ®Titanium Implant» from DMI Implant System in the prepared bone bed.
Visual guide for proper and parallel administration is the standing near tooth.
Visual guide for positioning the implant hexagon are the faces on the support implant.

7) Installing the next «DMI Unique ®Titanium Implant» from DMI Implant system in the prepared bone bed.
Introduction of visual cues is the previously fixed abutment implant.

8) Established five implants with a distance of 3-4 mm between them.

9) Mounted abutments above the implants in 23, 24 teeth for Immediate Loading. In 27 tooth established Perfect Implant.

-Prima titanium dental implants
-Unique titanium dental implant

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